In addition to the academic work, the following co-curricular activities are organized in the school.
Computer Science, Dramatics, Debate, Sports, Elocutions, Painting, Handicrafts, Music, Dance, etc.
Socially useful productive work is offered in the following subjects. Grades will be awarded to the same.
  • Physical Education is compulsory
  • Commercial art /Literacy drive
  • Painting
  • Needle Work/ Tailoring / Doll making etc.
  • Environmental Education

Ashoka Sacrifice
Gandhi Simplicity
Nehru Purity
Tagore Love

The Student Council helps in maintaining discipline, conducting functions and acts as a liaison between students and teachers.

The School Pupil Leaders are elected by senior teachers and by the Principal out of a list of names given by the students. They are assisted by Captains and Prefects of each house and monitors of the respective classes.