Principal’s Message

“It is only through right education that a better society equipped with high moral values and character can be built.”
-Mother Seraphina

I firmly believe that an educational institute should be a place that shapes children’s lives and builds their character because the primary aim of an ideal institute is to instill in the students the perennial values and principles for life long living.

Children are like soft clay. They can be molded into persons of excellence by their teachers. As responsible educators we have to be exemplary to our students if we want them to be assets to the society and nation.

Following the guidelines of Mother Seraphina, our Foundress our mission is to mould a generation who can serve and succeed not only in their respective careers but also in serving humanity and develop empathy and sensitivity towards the world at large. I am proud of our history, our values and high academic standards achieved by our students here, at Nirmala Convent School. Let us continue to create an atmosphere where apart from academic excellence children may glow with a true spirit of tolerance and respect for all religions, reverence for all elders, sensibility to their culture and courage to face the challenges of life.

Dear students, staff members and parents, come and join hands together and translate the dream of an ideal educational institute of our Foundress into a reality!

Sr. Preetika