Mission Statement
Vision of The School
  • We envisage a God centered, inclusive, egalitarian, caring and progressive society imbued with human qualities.

Mission Statement

We are committed to ....

  • Provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment in which each child can enjoy learning and strive for excellence.
  • Promote Integral formation based on the principles of Gospel values to all students irrespective of caste or race.
  • Strive to empower and enable every student to be a well equipped, kind, compassionate and responsible global citizen committed to the care /cause of the humanity.
  • Inspire young minds to think creatively and critically, solve problems and develop a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and thus prepare them for future challenges and opportunities.
  • Encourage children to develop the qualities of self- discipline, positive self — image, resourcefulness, teamwork and leadership.
  • Promote awareness among students, staff and parents about the social / global evils undermining the moral fabric of our nation, providing right moral perspective to the adolescence.
  • Fostering Eco-friendly life style as a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi - the patron of ecology, through planting trees on the school premises and in the vicinity.