Health And Physical Education

(H.P.E.) Date: - 21-05-2018

According to CBSE circular dated-25-04-2018, our institution, Nirmala Convent School, Bulandshahr has implemented the new subject-Health and Physical Education (H.P.E.) for class IX-X. The students and teachers have been familiarised with the entire concept of H.P.E. through meetings. Orientation programmes and various guidelines that are followed under this programme.

The four strands of H.P.E. which have been introduced to the students and the teachers are-

Strand 1- Games and Sports

Strand 2- Health and Fitness

Strand 3- SEWA

Strand 4- Health and Activity Record

Various activities that come under each strand have been planned and directed to the students and their parents too. Documentation, maintaining of records, video clippings and photographs are being taken under kind consideration.

In order to keep these records; related to H.P.E and to give a feedback to CBSE, our institution has created a ‘Sports Corner’ on the School website which will be updated regularly. It will provide a clear picture of the activities conducted under each strand in class IX-X.

Stand 1:- Games/Sports

Keeping in mind the importance of games & sports for the physical & healthy growth of a child, various games were selected for class IX & X.

Class - IX- Table Tennis & Chess

Class – X- Badminton & Tug of War

Stand 2:- Health & Fitness
Stand 3:- SEWA Activities